Super Metroid

Practice hacks

The following hacks are practice hacks, there are different ROMs that have different features enabled, these features are the following:

Latest version:
NTSC PAL ChangeLog:
- Added "Magic Pants" to the menu (Config -> Infohud -> Magic Pants). This flashes Samus on the frame run needs to be held to charge a spark.
- Added options for setting specific ammo counts.
- Added "Reset all Doors" and "Reset all Items" to the events menu.
- Possibly some other small changes I forgot about :)

- Changed menu mapping to Select+Start to make it easier to not enter the menu by accident
- Added E-tanks and Reserve tanks to Equipment menu where you can specify the amount of tanks you want to have
- Added Hyper Beam to Misc menu
- Added a new Config menu where you can configure the lower left value on the infohud as well as other game variables.

- Added a new in-game menu accessed by Select+Y+B that can teleport and configure events and items and more.
- Updated the save-state code so it's more stable and should now cause less graphical issues. (Thanks to Myria for this)
- Minor bugfixes to the infohud code fixing things like not being able to see the credits.

Other hacks